Entrepreneurial Secret #06

Entrepreneurs Secret #6

It’s Not the Steps you take…

The process you took, how long it took, or who you took is not as important as the impressions you left on the lives of those you impacted on the way. The media likes to glorify the superstars, the millionaire before age 13, the persons who was able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, the girl or guy who was first in this or that group. Those are, or would be great accomplishments. The problem is, like most things in life we forget about them or they becomes common place. No one is impressed that you can talk to your friends on a phone that you can carry around and it’s not connected to the wall. At one point in time that was impressive.

The only true thing in life that lasts is the impact we have on the lives of others. It could be one person or 1 million people. The few degrees of separation that exists between people can cause a person who has only directly impacted one person can now indirectly have a profound impact on the lives of millions. We see it in the current day lives of religious speaker Joyce Myers, television host Oprah Winfrey, and software billionaire Bill Gates and his non-profit foundation, just to name a few. The manner in which they now leave an impression on the lives of others is unmistakable and will last well beyond their life.

As entrepreneurs, we should be striving to leave a positive impact on the lives of our family, employees, and our customers. They will be our true measure of success or failure. Is your family or employees happy to see you come or see you go? Are your customers having more problems since they chose you or has their lives become easier? If we are not focusing on adding value to those we serve then we are by default taking value from them. Remember, Those who take more than they give, at some point will be required to give it all.

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Dewong Lucas, Sr.