Entrepreneurial Secret #11

Entrepreneurial Secret #11

You Can’t Win Unless You Compete

Many would be business owners never make it or reach their full potential in business or life because the are too afraid of a little competition. Many try to sneak in under the radar hoping they can become successful without their competition knowing about it. This is just a fantasy that is waiting to turn into a nightmare.

When I refer to winning I don’t mean going into business with a scarcity mentality in which you believe that if your competition is doing well that means you won’t be able to. There is more than enough business for those who are truly willing to do what it takes to satisfy it’s customer’s and their business needs.

You can’t win unless you are willing to fail. To fall flat on your face, get up and try again. The average successful person has failed 17 times before they got it right. No one gets the Gold Medal in the Olympics by practicing the hardest. No one gets a 100% on the test just because the spent long hours studying. You have to compete you have to put what you know or can do to the test. If you put the work in and it doesn’t turn out the way you expected. Know you tried and have no regrets. In the words of Art Williams, the man who changed a trillion dollar industry..”All you can do is all you can do”

Thank you,

Dewong Lucas, Sr.