When you enter FEAR, You Will Interfere


We start to interfere with our Purpose, Destiny and our Success

When we enter into a mental state of FEAR we immediately switch for Success thinking to Survival thinking. I believe these two types of thinking are direct opposites of each other. For example: If I told you you were standing at the edge of an alligator pit. The pit is ten feet across, ten feet wide, ten feet deep and it’s filled with hungry alligators. All of a sudden… I PUSH you in.. What is the first thought that is going through you head as you’re falling toward the alligators? Not about me but the alligators? For the survival thinker it would be “HELP! I’m going to die!” “I don’t want to die!” or would it be just “AHHHH!”

For the success thinker it would be…. “Alligator shoes, alligator belts, alligator handbags….” Success thinking is always looking for opportunities. Survival is never good enough. You must go beyond just surviving. Survival thinking only looks to serve self, while successful thinking looks for opportunities to serve others.

What has your thinking been lately, surviving or success? The results you’ve been getting will be a direct reflection.

Best wishes towards your Success!

Dewong Lucas, Sr.
Helping Entrepreneur

Helping Entrepreneurs