Cut to the front of the line, by being the one giving to the line.


Many business owners believe that giving back is something big companies do as a public relations (PR) stunt just to bring a good image to a brand or company. The reality is the every business has something that they can give back to. It could be a local event or cause or national one. It really does matter. In my opinion everything starts locally, unless you are strictly an online business.

If you’re an individual entrepreneur giving back could mean mentoring, or providing free services or training. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Many individuals are only one donation, one volunteer, or one piece of information that could set them on the path to great success. The giving back doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. It just needs to be a gesture.

The bottom line is that everyone and every company has the ability to give back and give someone else a helping hand. The only reason some don’t is that they may feel they are at the back and they should be receiving. That type of mentality will take you to the back and keep you there. You can’t compete; forget about dominating if you believe in scarcity.

Wishing you Great Success

Dewong Lucas, Sr.

Founder, Helping Entrepreneurs

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