Entrepreneur, Transformational and Motivational Speaker, Author, and Master Trainer. Has helped entrepreneurs from concept to creation and all 4 phases of business.

Notice in the most successful areas of your life (talking, walking, reading, writing, or even eating) there was a person or people there to guide, assist, coach, direct, correct and help you until you where able to do it on your own. That’s the purpose of Helping Entrepreneurs. To assist, coach, direct, correct and help you start or grow and sustain a successful business. Two days in business or two decades in business everyone can use help.

Hi, my name is Dewong Lucas, Sr. and I’ve been Helping Entrepreneurs since I opened my first business in 1989. It was a computer repair company. Since then I have owned, partnered, consulted and invested in many companies in various industries. The reason I’m so passionate about seeing individuals succeed is because of the many road blocks, misinformation, negative influences and lack of resources I had to deal with before and sometimes during my years in business.

If you have a desire to succeed in business, willing to commit to the person staring back at you in the mirror, and willing to give your best without hesitation win, lose, or draw then your came to the right place.


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Helping Entrepreneurs from Concept to creation and beyond.