Life is not a WADING pool. I’ts an OCEAN of endless Possibilities!

My Thought: Life is not a WADING pool. It’s an OCEAN of endless possibilities. Since there may be sharks, you must jump in and swim for your life!

You may sometimes get to relax and get carried by the currents going where you want to go. Other times, you must swim to break free of those currents taking you away from you destination. Remember, the only thing you are racing against is time. Be aware of how you use it and never abuse it. If you do, you could be headed into a perfect storm.

As you swim to your destiny, it’s Ok to stop by the occasional island to take a rest and enjoy the vegetation and the view.

May the winds of change always blow towards your destination.

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Keep Fighting the B.E.A.R.
Dewong Lucas, Sr.

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