Entrepreneurial Secret #08

Entrepreneurial Secret #8

Every Business is a Service Business.

Would you leave your house naked wearing only your socks and shoes? Most people would say no. That is what is happening in many small businesses. They believe they are covering all aspects of their business to be successful and they have no idea that “The emperor has no clothes.”

It doesn’t matter if you sell items like socks, clocks, or automobiles you are still in the service industry. Entrepreneurs who provide tangible products and only focus on the features that product provides are only focused on 20% of their business.  The remaining 80% is in the servicing of your customers and employees. The company that deliver the best customer experience within it’s market niche will win every time. This includes knowing you exist, your solution to their problem, how simple the solution process is and what happens before, during and after they say yes.

Remember to put and wear the shoes of your customers often. Always remember, the more customers KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you. The more they will buy from you and recommend those they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST to buy from you too. I challenge you to find more ways to serve your customers better. Many ways are free to you but worth millions to your customer.

Thank you,

Dewong Lucas, Sr.