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You Win When You Win Within


If you spend time focusing on how to defeat others at being them you lose at being you. It doesn’t matter if it’s business or personal life. Many great companies have gone and many individual have wasted much of their life trying to be better at something externally than someone else. The major problem is, if the person or business you’re trying to compete with is being themselves, maximizing their unfair competitive advantage (UCA) then you will lose every time. No one can be better at being them than them. So everyone else will always be second best. Generally in life most people want the originators and not the imitators. Would you want real gold or imitation?

So, instead of competing in a market, focus on dominating a market. Focus on your UCA and constantly create better ways to service your existing customers and attract new ones. In other words be an originator not a duplicator. Duplicators are always chasing the market and often come up short. Focus in getting and retaining customers. If you only focus on getting new ones and have no retention strategy, your customers will be in a revolving door. They come and then they leave. Remember if you are not growing then you are dying, there is no middle ground.

When your focus is external, fears, doubts, worries, and sometimes paranoia sets in.  You can never defeat an imaginary enemy. So instead focus on defeating the one you know very well. The one that’s within that puts limits, wants you to stay comfortable, not make mistakes and constantly seeks validation by comparing you to everyone else. Two business in the same industry, like twins from the same parents may look the same on the outside, but functions completely different.

Best Wishes on your Success!

Dewong Lucas, Sr.

Founder, Helping Entrepreneurs

Fail At Doing Something Or Succeed At Doing Nothing.


The easiest thing to do  is to do nothing. The hardest thing to live through is doing nothing. The common causes of doing nothing is fear. Other underline factors are pride and ego. If you remove pride and ego the fear will disappear at least reduce significantly.

If we would remember that we are made to make mistakes. That is how we learn. Sometimes this is called feedback loops. We determine an objective, we move towards it, and all along the way we are make adjustments until we reach our objective. Even the straightest of lines have jagged edges if you look close enough.

So stand! The view might be a little better. The more you stand the stronger you legs become to take you along the journey we call life.

Wishing you Great Success

Dewong Lucas, Sr.

Founder, Helping Entrepreneurs

Dreams Become Nightmares Of Regret When Not Pursued.


The saddest conversion to have at the twilight of your life is to start talking about all the things that could have been. The would have, could have, and the should haves are all results of choices and opportunities not gone after.

Dreams are the desires that will never come true until you take them from the imaginary and bring them into the reality. They are brought into reality by writing them down and putting a date when it will be acquired.  When we add the third dimension of time to whatever you are dreaming about you now make it tangible and obtainable. There are other steps necessary for acquiring it but this one is important. If you never add a date you want to have it then you probably don’t truly want it. Somethings may be more exciting just dreaming about them. While others don’t allow us to sleep.

It’s a far better legacy to say “I tried that myself.” rather than “I denied that to myself.”

Dewong Lucas, Sr.

Founder, Helping Entrepreneurs