Don’t Get Lost Chasing Butterflies!

Don’t Get Lost Chasing Butterflies. This statement is a warning against getting distracted by what looks good or might make you feel good at the moment and lose track of what is important and necessary.

It is natural for us to wanting to avoid what we perceive as painful and go after that what we see as pleasurable. This pain could be physical or emotional. Just as the pain; the pleasure could be physical or emotional as well.

The things that keep most people from reaching their true destiny are not the obstacles in the way, but the distractions along the way. It’s not that they don’t have the ability or even the desire to reach their goals. In most cases it’s that they simply run out of time. We all have a finite number of heart beats and breaths that we are going to take. Doesn’t it make sense to use them to reach our destiny? Before reaching your destiny, the butterflies are like detour signs on the road of life. Once we have reached our destiny we then can chase the butterflies of life.

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You can never WIN what you never BEGIN!

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Many of us have great desires and dream of wonderful achievement and personal growth. Some do mental goal setting and some of us take the time to write them out and even set deadlines for their accomplishments.

The problem comes when it is time to take actions, to get them underway. Often time we get stopped by the two most common types of fear: The fear of success and the fear of failure. We fear success because of the expectations others may have on us. We fear failure because of the criticism that may come our way.

We start playing back mental recordings of our past failures. We start mental conversations about how difficult it may be. We say to ourselves “If it could work why someone hasn’t already done it?” We start reciting what we lack: “I don’t have…”, “I’m too old”, “I’m too young”,”I’m too fat”,”I’m too skinny” and on and on. We simply start making excuses for not taking that first step.

Instead of looking at what we don’t have, we should create for ourselves an emotional carrot and stick. Mentally create something that is strong enough to pull us forward and painful enough to push us away from sitting still. If you need examples post a comment on this blog and I’ll give some ways to do it.

Sitting still has caused countless dreams and desires to go unfulfilled.  The graveyard is full of inventions, cures, products, services, unspoken words, and undone acts that could have completely revolutionized the world.  Don’t let your dreams, goals and desires leave the earth when you leave.  You have great value and a great purpose.

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Dewong Lucas, Sr.

The Chicken Came First!

The answer to the age old question “Which can first? The chicken or the Egg?” is the chicken came first. Why do I believe this? I have spent over two decades studying people and observing life. I have discovered that you will always have the chicken before the egg. The chicken is the physical activities, the emotional feelings and negative thoughts we have that prevents us from being productive and doing the things we are born to do. These are what prevent us from E.G.G.s (Experiencing Great Gain). The eggs are life giving ideas, habits and beliefs that benefits us and those around us.

The fear (chicken) that a person experiences when attempting to do something that is unfamiliar or they perceive to be risky or dangerous prevents egg production. If you look back over your life you would agree that you may have missed opportunities because you failed to act. The “Chicken” showed up.

Some “Chicken” emotions are disguised as excuses and rationalizations. We start squawking like a chicken saying “It’s not the right time.”, “I’ll do it next time.”, “The banks are not loaning to anyone.”, “She/He is already involved with someone.” and the list goes on. All those reason may have been true, but we never took action to find out! We chickened out.

The first kind of chickens is the “Henhouse Runners”. They start running around the henhouse when they are afraid. They become busy in useless activities that take up their time so they don’t feel bad when they say they didn’t have time to do or say what was necessary to produce their eggs.

The second kind of chickens is the “Pretend Roosters”. They try to disguise themselves as roosters and pretend that they are not scared. They know if others think they are rooster no one expects them to lay an egg. They make loud noises like crowing at the sun. They pick fights and arguments with those they feel they can defeat. They want to be the first one in line to get the feed. But, when true danger appears they are the first ones to run behind the other chickens so they don’t get eaten. They are some of the worst chickens. They produce no eggs, use up the most resources and are willing to sacrifice others while pretending to be a benefit.

The third kind of chickens is the “Ground Scratchers”. They keep their heads down and scratch the ground. They are the type of chickens that try to avoid conflicts and confrontations. They try to please everyone. They try to blend in and not been seen or heard. Even if they do have a great idea, they will lay that egg in another chicken’s nest and congratulate them. This kind is often befriended by the pretend roosters.

The final type of chicken is “The Incubators”. These are the type of chickens that will produce and hatch eggs in spite of having the same fears as the other types. They will lay their eggs (habits, skills, ideas) and incubate them until they are ready to hatch. They don’t move for food or water until egg is hatched.  This act represents the necessary practices of staying focused and not getting distracted from your primary objectives.

Everyone experiences fear or uncertainty. What’s important is what happens after you experience them. Will you be the chicken that just squawks and complains, the one that runs around the henhouse pretending to be busy, pretend you are rooster and make a lot of noise, keep your head down and scratch the ground or will you produce and then hatch what you produce?

All these kinds of chickens lay eggs. The problem with the first three is where they lay theirs. They are laid behind, and under the hen house, in the dirt and in other’s nest. They are abandoned and never fertilized and incubated properly. Therefore they never produce life.

I believe you are or can be the forth type: “The Incubator” Will you do what is necessary to give life to what is inside you? It’s O.K. for the “Chicken” in you to come before your E.G.G.! Just choose to give life to what comes from you!

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