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What’s Defining You?


In your business and personal life the steps we take after a mistake has happened will determine how successful we will be. It’s doesn’t matter the mistake or outcome. What matters is how we respond to the outcome. If we use it as a learning experience to take different actions in the future we will go a long way toward obtain the desired results.

Since everyone makes mistakes. Even to act of doing nothing can be a mistake. Some people believe that if they don’t try anything then they can make a mistake. That false thinking has cause more emotional and financial problems than just making a mistake and correcting it.

We are designed to make mistakes. Our total being is a complete make up of feed-back loops of continual course corrections. Just the act of picking up a pencil or a raw egg involves hundreds of minute adjustments of left/right, up/down, forward/backward and tight/loose.  If you attempt to do it more than once you will notice that each time you do it it’s done slightly different. Since each time is different does that mean that the other times were wrong? No. So stop defining yourself by how you did or didn’t do something “correctly”.

Focus more on what you can learn from it, correct and adjust for the next occurrence and keep moving….

Best Wishes on your Success!

Dewong Lucas, Sr.

Founder, Helping Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurial Secret #11

Entrepreneurial Secret #11

You Can’t Win Unless You Compete

Many would be business owners never make it or reach their full potential in business or life because the are too afraid of a little competition. Many try to sneak in under the radar hoping they can become successful without their competition knowing about it. This is just a fantasy that is waiting to turn into a nightmare.

When I refer to winning I don’t mean going into business with a scarcity mentality in which you believe that if your competition is doing well that means you won’t be able to. There is more than enough business for those who are truly willing to do what it takes to satisfy it’s customer’s and their business needs.

You can’t win unless you are willing to fail. To fall flat on your face, get up and try again. The average successful person has failed 17 times before they got it right. No one gets the Gold Medal in the Olympics by practicing the hardest. No one gets a 100% on the test just because the spent long hours studying. You have to compete you have to put what you know or can do to the test. If you put the work in and it doesn’t turn out the way you expected. Know you tried and have no regrets. In the words of Art Williams, the man who changed a trillion dollar industry..”All you can do is all you can do”

Thank you,

Dewong Lucas, Sr.

Entrepreneurial Secret #07



Feel Better or Become Better

As an entrepreneurs you can surround yourself with things and people whose only purpose is to help you feel better or with people and things that will help you to become better. The most successful entrepreneurs know to become better at business and person life you must become better first.

If you want a better staff, more customers, better profits, more time to enjoy life then you must become better. That does not happen without resistance and growth. Many entrepreneurs while on the path of success have focused on doing things that makes them feel comfortable. Being comfortable is not bad. But if make comfort be your sole focus can be destructive to your growth. Unless your business is manufacturing mattresses or sleepwear then it should not be your driving force.

Getting better involves discomfort, at least in the initial stages. Look around you. Are there more things around you to make you comfortable (sofa, TV, video games) or uncomfortable (exercise equipment, books or training material)? What is the one thing in your business or person life you know would cause you discomfort? But, if you did it you would become better afterwards? I challenge you to do it now. If not now, then today. If not today when?

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Dewong Lucas, Sr.